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Prairie Neuroscientists take leadership as President and Vice President of Manitoba Neuroscience Network!

Dr. Mike Jackson (left) and Dr. Tabrez Siddiqui (right)
Photo credits: MNN

We are delighted to share that Prairieneuro’s own Dr. Tabrez Siddiqui and Dr. Mike Jackson have been elected as the new President and Vice-President of Manitoba Neuroscience Network, respectively, ushering in a new era of leadership and innovation.

Following the exemplary work of MNN’s previous leadership, we are incredibly excited to have Dr. Siddiqui and Dr. Jackson at the helm. Both esteemed neuroscientists will bring a wealth of experience and a deep passion for advancing the field. Check out our researchers page to read more about them.

The Manitoba Neuroscience Network (MNN) is a collaborative organization of researchers, faculty, and medical professionals in Manitoba dedicated to advancing neuroscience. MNN operates as a virtual institute, fostering interdisciplinary research, promoting education, and engaging in outreach efforts. Its strength lies in uniting multiple departments and institutions across the region to support the field of neuroscience.

Stay tuned for upcoming events and programs led by our newly elected President, Dr. Tabrez Siddiqui, and Vice-President, Dr. Mike Jackson, at the Manitoba Neuroscience Network (MNN)!